"The Boulder Hispanic Experience," 1994 video of "Los Inmigrantes" and a panel discussion

The Boulder Hispanic Experience

Detailed Summary: 
This is an amateur video of a meeting in 1994 on "The Hispanic Boulder Experience." After an introduction by moderator Prof. Salvador Rodriguez del Pino, the 1979 film "Los Inmigrantes" was shown. Following the film, four panelists spoke briefly. Jesse Velez Lehmann and Virginia Maestas talked about what the original film hoped to achieve. Sister Corina Padilla and Euvaldo Valdez, of Boulder High School, discussed the current situation for Hispanics in Boulder county. Topics covered included: the ongoing invisibility of Boulder's Hispanic community, despite the great increase in its size since the mid 1970s; the difficulty of bridging the gap between Hispanics and Anglo whites; the arrival in the past 15 years of many immigrants from Mexico and other parts of Central and South America; continuing problems with good jobs, exploitation in employment and housing, lack of effective unions; still prejudice in Boulder, forcing Hispanics to be twice as good to be accepted; lack of unity within the Hispanic community: hard to work together because so diverse in political, religious, and socio-economic terms; pride in la Raza, uniting indigenous American and European traditions.
Time Period: 
Hispanics in Boulder
People Shown or Mentioned: 
Salvador Rodriguez del Pino; Regina Vigil; Manuel Arcadia; Jessie Velez Lehmann; Virginia Maestas; Sister Corinna Padilla; Euvaldo Valdez; Fred Worden
Location of Original: 
Linda Arroyo-Holmstrom, personal copy