Hear Our Stories

The Boulder County Latino History Project produced and obtained first person information accounts of audio and video recordings. The content of this oral history collection is grounded in reflections on the past and provides in-depth accounts of personal experiences.

Community youth and project volunteers were trained to conduct oral history interviews and then worked diligently to establish a collection of recordings that contribute to understanding the past and also provide a look at some 21st century experiences.  Several of the website recordings are also included in the Maria Rogers Oral History Program housed at the Carnegie Branch Library for Local History in Boulder, Colorado.

Get started here by listening to a retired Latino coal miner talk about  the 1920s-30s time period and his experience as a 13 year old immigrant and contrast that with a Latino youth experience from 2013.


Joe Arroyo – of Boulder, filmed in 1979. Starting work in a coal mine when he was 13.




Kelly Sarceno - student, filmed in 2013. Kelly shares her school experience, including conversations about culture and race.