Oral history interview, Ana Gonzalez Dorta, 2013 (video and transcript)

Boulder County Latino History Project, Maria Rogers Oral History Program, and Carnegie Branch Library for Local History, Boulder Public Library. Click on the above link to access complete bibliographic information.
Detailed Summary: 
Ana was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1994. She moved to Boulder 3 ½ years ago with her parents and brothers, who left Venezuela because they disliked the current government and the level of violence. Her father had a successful business in Caracas, and her mother worked for the American Embassy; they had previously come to Colorado each year to ski. In Caracas, Ana attended a strict Catholic school, whereas in Boulder she went to Fairview High School, which was much more flexible. She is now studying film and television at the University of Colorado at Denver. She has not experienced discrimination herself but describes several incidents involving other people. She wants to work in the film world in California and to promote understanding of Latinos and people suffering from depression.
Boulder; Caracas
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Ana Gonzalez Dorta
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Carnegie Branch Library for Local History, Boulder