Photograph Identification

This unidentified photo was provided to the Longmont Hispanic Study in 1987-8 by a relative or descendent of the people shown. It was converted into a slide by Oli Olivas Duncan for use in public presentations associated with the 1988 publication of We, Too, Came to Stay: A History of the Longmont Hispanic Community, which she edited. The Boulder County Latino Project scanned the slides and added descriptive labels in 2014. The slides had been numbered, and a few had brief identifiers, but for most there was no information at all.

If you recognize the people in this photo and can tell us who they are, and when and where the photo was taken, please type in that information below.

Permission to display this image was granted to the Boulder County Latino History Project in March, 2014 by Marta Moreno, Director of El Comité de Longmont, the organization that sponsored the Longmont Hispanic Study; Ed Navarro, El Comité’s attorney; and Gerilyn Wilson, daughter of Oli Duncan, who died in 2013.  The image is to be used for educational purposes only.  Written permission from the Coordinator of the Boulder County Latino History Project is required to publish or use it commercially.