Oral history interview, Heriberto "Beto" Moreno, 2013 (video and transcript)

Boulder County Latino History Project, Maria Rogers Oral History Program, and Carnegie Branch Library for Local History, Boulder Public Library. Click on the above link to access complete bibliographic information.
Detailed Summary: 
Heriberto (Beto) Moreno, an engineer with IBM and founder of El Comite in Longmont, talks about his roots in Mexico. He was born in1946 in Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, Texas, where his dad was a bartender. Crossed to El Paso with family, sponsored by his grandparents, already living there. Became a citizen at aged 18, studied mechanical engineering at Univ. of Texas at El Paso. Graduated 1974, offered a job by IBM in Longmont, which was recruiting minorities. Describes activity in Catholic church and how the Latino community in Longmont took shape in the 70s. Importance of IBM; blacks unwilling to move to Longmont due to remaining KKK influence. Talks about founding of El Comite after shooting of two Latino youths in 1980. Importance of his grandfather, who insisted he get educated. Spoke only Spanish at home, but punished for speaking it at school.
Ciudad Juarez
Mexico; El Paso
Texas; Longmont
Time Period: 
People Shown or Mentioned: 
Heriberto "Beto" Moreno; Beto Moreno; Marta Moreno
Location of Original: 
Carnegie Branch Library for Local History, Boulder