Oral history interview, Harold Dominguez, 2013 (video and transcript)

Boulder County Latino History Project, Maria Rogers Oral History Program, and Carnegie Branch Library for Local History, Boulder Public Library. Click on the above link to access complete bibliographic information.
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Harold Dominguez, the City Manager of Longmont, was born in Lubbock, Texas in 1972 and grew up in a little town named Sundown near there. He was raised by a single mother and an aunt, but an important figure in his life was his uncle Rudy, a Lieutenant Colonel in the army, who encouraged him to get a good education. In high school he played football, was student body president, and had a group of good friends. He then went to Texas Tech University, where he became interested in political science and government, and did a Master’s in public administration. His first jobs were was working for the City of Lubbock, and then he was head hunted to come to Longmont. He describes his family and their support of his work, and the greatest challenge he has faced as City Manager, which was the major flood in September, 2013.
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Harold Dominguez
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Carnegie Branch Library for Local History, Boulder