"Longmont, film of places of historical importance to Latinos," made in 2013

Longmont, film of places of historical importance to Latinos

With thanks to Esther Blazon, guide and narrator; and Lorenzo A. Trujillo, for permission to use music from his CD's, "The Golden Age of the Southwest" and "Southwest Musicians." This film was videographed and edited by Ana Gonzalez Dorta for the Boulder
Detailed Summary: 
Historic sites for Latinos, Longmont; barracks for migrant workers; Casa Vista; Casa Esperanza, for agricultural worker families; home ownership; Turkey Factory; Turkey plant; Great Western Sugar plant; Kuner-Empson vegetable canning plant; entertainment for Latinos; dances on Saturday evenings, above Dickens Opera House; pool hall above Dickens Opera house; St. John the Baptist Catholic church; religious culture; east side of Main Street as Latino district; Spanish masses and priests in 1977; Kensington Park; returning soldiers; discrimination; Vietnam War;