Interactive Map Showing Latino-Surnamed Households from Polk's City Directories, Lafayette 1916

The information for these maps was taken from Polk's City Directories for Lafayette, CO 1916.  The Directories are publicly available at the town libraries in Longmont, Lafayette, and Boulder.  All households whose head had a Latino surname are included in the database from which the maps were prepared.  Before 1936, many of the addresses were not specific enough to allow mapping.  The maps for 1936 onward display 80-97% of the entries in the database, with the exception of Longmont for 1936 and 1956, where the percentage was lower.  People living in Rural Routes, for whom no specific addresses were provided in the Directories, are not included on the maps.  The information was entered into datasets by volunteers with the Boulder County Latino History Project in 2013-14; the maps were prepared by Joseph Tuccillo, with help from Robert Soden.